Mercedes-Benz Unknown Lease for $599/mo Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury


$599/mo . 48 Months . $600 Down

$29,352 Total Lease Cost
Expires: 10/01/2018

Fair Deal
Reflects national offer

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Advertised at $599 per month for 48 months with $600 due at signing. Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury's total cost to lease is $29,352. Visit for details. (Expires: 10/01/2018).

Dealership advertised true monthly cost: $612

* Factors down payment, monthly payments, lease term, fuel (estimated using average mpg at 1,000 miles per month), and estimated insurance from

Other ways to look at the numbers:

  • Total monthly payments: $28,752
  • True Lease cost per year: $7,338
  • True Lease cost per month: $612