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Finding the Best Regional Car Deals

Expanding Your Definition of “Local” Car Dealerships to Find Great Lease Deals

May 21, 2018 · Nate Archibald

Where are you looking for great lease deals on your next car these days? The truth is, if you’re willing to extend your search for the best car deals just a little further, you just might find new car savings that are well worth the trip. Remember, where you lease or buy a car doesn’t matter as much as you might think. The reality is, when you need service, you can bring your new car into the nearest dealership most convenient to you. So even if you find the best car lease deals are at a dealer slightly far away, a little travel can often mean big saving in the long run. So in the interest of continually bringing you the best car deals – right now – let’s use the current month of May 2018 to scan the continental United States for car dealerships offering great new-car value.

Up in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find a great lease deal on a Subaru Impreza in Bend, Oregon. Like a smaller muscle car, new Imprezas combine the power you get off a turbo motor with the speed off the line of its 4WD. And for just under $2,000 down, you can get a 36-month lease for $149 per month. You can safely add affordability to the car’s growing cult following.

f you’re looking for the best car deals in the Southwest, you’ll want to go to one of the eastern most points of the region. That’s because in the Houston area, there are many Southwest car deals to be had on affordable Hyundai Elantra and Honda Civic lease deals. It seems there are always good deals on Hyundai Elantras anywhere in the country, but for a truly best car deal now, head a little south of Houston to Friendswood. There, you’ll find great savings on leasing a Hyundai Elentra for $98 per month – with just $3100 down. Over the course of a 36-month lease, that’s just about $6600 for the total course of your lease. And not to be outdone, you can find the reliable Honda Civic featured in a deal at Gillman Honda Houston. For $139 per month over 36 months, if you act now, you can secure it for just under $200 per month in total cost of your lease deal.

Searching for great deals on Fords? Head to the Motor City of course! There are great Midwest car deals on Fords throughout the Detroit area. Shopping for a family friendly car? Try this 2-year lease on a 2018 Explorer from Brighton Ford. Ford Explorers are always popular, and thus have great resale value should you decide to eventually own. While you’re in the area, don’t restrict your car search to just one make or model. Another great SUV deal is a drivable distance away on a 2018 Santa Fe at Gerald Hyundai of North America just outside of Chicago in North Aurora, IL. So ask yourself, do you really need to buy a new car when that kind of deal is on the table?

There are always great car deals to be had all over the South, and this month, the Fort Lauderdale area in Florida and Atlanta, Georgia, are leading the way. Pompano Ford Lincoln has an excellent 3-year car lease deal on a Ford Fusion for just $136 per month. And all they require, is a little more than $3000 down. Volkswagens are also making an appearance in May’s best car lease deals. Go straight to the Atlanta area for Volkswagen Jettas as low as $95 per month. Perhaps you’re growing family requires an even bigger car? If that’s the case, you can find great deals on VW Tiguans near Charlotte, NC. Flow Volkswagen of Winston-Salem even has one for $139 per month with less than $2500 down!

Those searching for Hondas will want to head to New England, where Boston area dealerships seem to be looking to clean out their inventory this month. Herb Chambers in Boston has an excellent 2-year car lease deal on a Honda Pilot that is well below the national average. A modern take on the midsize SUV, Honda Pilot deals are great for families, and even greater on your wallet. Ready for a little more luxury in your next car? Get a lease deal fit for a king in Queens, New York. This month, you can lease a 2018 Lincoln MKX Premiere for 3 years at only $275 per month. If you’re in the Philadelphia or southern New Jersey area, you can get great Philadelphia deals on a Honda Civic. Sleek and sophisticated yet remarkably affordable, you can lease a Civic just north of Philadelphia at multiple dealerships for just $77 per month. And those are deals almost as reliable as the car itself.

But whatever car lease bargains may be closest to you, do hurry. Most monthly car deals are just that – monthly. Come May 31st, dealerships are often on to the next alluring promotion.